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The Story Behind The Design Perspective

Where it all began.


I am an interior designer, a wife, and a first-time mum. My name is Irene and I own a small business called Design By EI Wood, ‘a company of one’ design studio that focuses on interior design in a way that evokes positive change and wellness. My mission is to improve people’s dream lifestyle by creating an environment that will improve their lives for the better. With every project, planning is key and I have always loved planners and systems that help you achieve your goals and assist in the success of any project, whether that be in my business for a client or a personal goal I set for myself.

Becoming a mother and running a business made me realize, even more so, just how important systems and planning tools are, as well as the environment you spend most of your time in. It can't just be another notebook, rather you should have a supportive assistant, a PA if you will in the form of systems and planners and by setting up your environment with things you love, you also create an environment where success and focus can thrive.


That’s when I realized that if a no-BS planning systems is this important to me, it must also be such a blessing for other busy people out there. People who are wives, husbands, parents, entrepreneurs, freelancers, go-getters. People with a taste for life. a Beautifully designed product, that’s aesthetically pleasing, but that also has a well-thought-out supportive organizational system is something I’ve designed for myself more than once, tested and tweaked and I’ve finally found something that I really believe in.

That’s when I decided to share, keep refining and grow The Design Perspective into something that benefits others, and not just myself .

What is in a name?

Design By EI Wood was a name specifically chosen for its open-endedness. DESIGN being the key word, I always knew that I would want to expand into other avenues of design and although interior design is also my true love, I enjoy design in more than one application. I look at life with a designer’s eye, another way of living intentionally, with purpose; designing your way forward. It’s a design perspective.

THE DESIGN PERSPECTIVE. What is a better name for a system designed? An extension of an intentional perspective on life and one that I gladly gave to my new adventure within Design by EI Wood.

Our hope for you.

So here I am, a wife, an SME owner, and a mother, hoping that I am helping to evoke positive change and wellness in your life through offering products that I believe, will empower you and support you to achieve your own dream life. If you do end up purchasing something, please enjoy it, love it, and let me know how it works for you. I would love to engage, and if you need something extra, then perhaps with future products I can tweak and improve the diversity and quality so that I can better serve you with designs that evoke positive change and wellness in your life.

Much Love,

Irene Wood


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