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Interior Design Centurion

Cell C - Fusion 5 

5 Fusion Cell C

Office Mood

 A dependent supporting partner of Cell C moved into a space in Centurion and we were asked to assist in the layout of their new offices within the existing space.

The walls were up and there was no moving them.

This project was assigned to me while working under Infinitude design and the brief of the interior design entailed space planning as well as procuring all new furniture for their offices.

Since they fell under the umbrella of Cell C, the wall finishes, glass vinyl and signage were all designed and implemented in-house.

This was a small project, but it was completed quickly, successfully, and within budget.

The initial inspiration was based on the Cell C head office in Johannesburg and all furniture items chosen were based on this aesthetic while adhering to a strict and modest budget.

Furniture chosen included collaborative and lounge pieces as well as traditional office items such as desks, chairs and storage.

All upholstered items were custom-made with fabrics that stayed true to the

brand corporate identity. 

The aesthetic was modern, yet with a playful edge, and pops of purple and orange was introduced to achieve this desired effect.

All Office Furniture

Cell C supporting partner uses All Office furniture through Design By Ei Wood

While budget did not allow us to change the existing layout of the space, in the end, we successfully achieved a functional layout that included a small call center, a reception waiting area, a large meeting-collaboration space that was used by the team every day, and several other enclosed office areas.

Part of the brief was that we make the existing sink work in the kitchen and introduced a freestanding server unit with a matching top so that the area reads as a cohesive space. 

Upon completing this project, the client and staff were equally satisfied and the project was dubbed a success.

Cell C Office Space Layout

Fusion Five Office Space Lay-out

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