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While working under Infinitude Design in the year 2018 as an Interior Designer, we were asked to assist a client in a residential project. The initial brief was that we only assist in a proposed layout for both their cottage and home, as well as advise on a design theme concept. However, as we worked with the client it later became clear that they needed assistance through-out the project with the full interior design of their home.

I therefore joined the team and collaborated with both contractors and a full team of architects to design and specify everything from floor finishes to lighting and shopfitting. In collaboration with Gelis Kitchen Experts, we ended up designing the cottage kitchen, all built-in wardrobes, an exterior entertainment area as well as a dramatic and bold kitchen that became the heart of the home.

Initially as a starting point we introduced two themes, one light and airy and the other dark and moody.

The darker theme was chosen and going forward all the design choices involved had their roots in the original inspiration.

As we collaborated and continued work on House Benjamin through-out 2018 and well into 2019, the design evolved into a work of art.

The final result was a high-end, well-designed home that made a statement.

It was bold, striking and a design with a perfect balance of contrast.