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Lupides Vita

Project Introduction

The Leaf.png

In 2016 while working for Studio 3 Design House in Pretoria as an in-house interior designer, I was part of a team with the creative director and senior in-house architect where we were asked to design an apartment block specifically tailored to high-end student housing.

The brief entailed that the design makes use of space efficiently and to create modular units that could be customized with a choice of finishes upon customer purchase.

The units were small and a lot of creative thinking and innovative solutions were incorporated into the space planning. We optimized space by determining, based on human ergonomics, how much space a student required.

Using our findings through research and practical thinking, we opted for as much built-in storage and designs as far as possible, while also customizing and challenging the space required for each built-in feature.


Items such as the study nooks, kitchen islands and built-in wardrobes were all part of this intensive design and each went through extensive exercises to determine the best use of space while adhering to the look and feel we were proposing.

For finishes, two themes were chosen. One lighter and one darker that consisted of raw, natural materials that could withstand the busy and sometimes demanding life of a student. A potential buyer would be able to choose which 'look and feel' they prefer upon their purchase of a unit and the ultimate choice although slightly different to the other, would still work well with the overall corporate identity that is Lupides Vita.


The above space layouts indicate the 3 types of units that would fit like a puzzle into the building. It consists of a studio unit,

a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment.

Laundry facilities were deemed unnecessary within each unit, as the estate allowed for this service, as well as a restaurant on the ground floor. The idea was that students could make use of these facilities as part of a large student culture within the Lupides Vita premises.

Project Inspiration

Lobbies Lupides Vita02.jpg

Specified were raw, natural materials that are authentic and hard-wearing, yet created a warm and inviting atmosphere for both resident and visitor alike.


Proposed Design

The below renders were completed with the assistance of the Studio 3 Design House 3D Artist.

Finishes were specified, with the guidance of the team, the concept was brought to digital life by applying the chosen finishes to the 3D model, ultimately showcasing the final apartment designs.

You'll notice that the layouts are the same, but that there are slight differences in tone and atmosphere within the two sets of 'finish-packages'. These would be what a future customer would view in order to make their final purchase decision.

The original mood below

Lupidez Vita Loo&Feel updated.jpg
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