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Skyco Media Technologies

The Brief

We were contacted by Skyco Media Technologies in late 2020 and were asked to assist with a design for their new office space based in Midrand. 

The client asked us to provide design and consulting services and chose to procure and implement the design directly with their own appointed contractors, where we successfully assisted, collaborated, and consulted during installation as required.

The aim was to translate their corporate identity into the various office spaces which included meeting areas, the reception, offices, and product showroom. 

Reception Desk View of Skyco Media Technologies.jpg
Skyco Webpage Design Art .png

Inspiration & Vision

It was very important that the design be sleek, contemporary, and communicate the modern, forward-thinking philosophies of the company itself.  

Our approach was to incorporate as much of their brand colours as possible and as the design developed, pops of yellow was introduced to enhance vibrant energy, which on a sub-conscious level, helps the mind be more productive and effective.

The bold choice of feature geometric walls, feature colour ceilings and strong masculine lines, further highlighted the strength and values of the company, which we chose to quite literally apply to a custom wallpaper design in the feature stairwell.

Skyco Webpage Design Art _edited.jpg

Refurbishment Vision Come to Life

Interior Designed Entrance View to the reception desk.jpg

Reception Entrance

To keep the reception light and airy, we advised the client to apply frosted wallpaper instead of using blinds to create privacy, while keeping the lines minimalist and masculine.

This worked extremely well as the frosted vinyl diffuses the light and brightens up the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The logo is immediately visible on the custom made area rug upon entering the space and is further emphasized as the natural light causes it to 'dance' in the reflections around the room.

In addition, the client required us to find a place for a built-in screen for the use of marketing purposes. We brought attention to this element by proposing it be built-in and is placed right across from the waiting area for clients to easily and almost sub-consciously pay attention to. This ensured the screen would perform its function to maximum effect.

Interior Designed Entrance.jpg
Skyco Webpage Design Art .png

As for the waiting area itself, we opted to further enhance the bright blue of Skyco Media Technologies by upholstering a sofa and placing it in the center of the room. The two grey chairs, playfully placed on either side to ground the space and balance out the striking colour combination.

Overhead the blue colour is repeated in the existing recessed ceiling in order to draw your eye to the reception desk and onto the main feature wall of the space where the logo is repeated once more but emphasized with LED back-lighting.


This allows the feature wall to draw you in towards the reception desk and ensures that clients would feel welcomed, excited and vibrate with positive energy.

Waiting Area

Skyco Media Techologies _ Reception Desk Interior Design.jpg
Skyco Webpage Design Art _edited.jpg

Stairwell Feature

Feature Stairwell A.jpg
Feature Stairwell B.jpg
Skyco Webpage Design Art _edited.jpg

In the boardroom below the same design concept was pulled through to create harmony and balance.

However, because meeting areas require a slightly more serious tone to enhance focus and concentration, we opted to offset the very bold playfulness of the blues in the reception area with greys, charcoals and black accents.

This 'toned down' environment is important to create an atmosphere in which focus and concentration can be elevated.

The showroom is an impressive space, complete with futuristic LED lit bulkhead details and a 100% workable boardroom that makes use of a vast range of their smart screen and video conferencing technolgoies.


Unfortunately for security reasons, we are unable to share images of the completed showroom with you.

We strongly suggest however to visit Skyco Media Technologies and experience the space for yourself.


Meeting Room _ Design By Ei Wood.jpg
Meeting Room B.jpg

Project Conclusion


At the end of the day this project came together beautifully and we enjoyed working with Skyco Media Technologies very much.

We strongly recommend looking into Skyco, not just because of their innovative and future-forward office space, but also to experience the amazing products and services they can offer to anyone that's looking to 'future-proof' their businesses and lives.

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