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Sputnik Coffee Bar Interior Design

Interior Inspiration

Sputnik -  the first artificial Earth satellite which the Soviet Union launched into space on 4 October 1957.

Sputnik is also a coffee shop in Benoni, Gauteng.

While employed with Infinitude Design, I was chosen to design an eclectic, high-energy space within a retail environment.

The brand consisted of multiple products that all fell under the Sputnik umbrella. The concept was that it should reflect the craft of freshly brewed coffee while implementing the brand corporate identity and optimizing the small space to work ergonomically efficient. The psychology of take-away coffee and how a retail environment should function was an integral part of the design. 

We worked tirelessly with the client to achieve their goal.

Sputnik Coffee Look & Feel.jpg

Shop Layout & Space Renders


The space was a challenging one as it needed to include a complex front-of-house coffee bar area where all the coffees would be made and served.

The space was also a small one, and required a lot of re-work to be able to fit all the shop's requirements so that it functioned correctly.

Multiple design and layout sessions were conducted with the client to ensure their workflow was achieved and that the counter design met both the need to function ergonomically, as well as achieve the correct psychological design required for a retail coffee shop.

The layout below is an indication of how much detail was required to ensure the best possible design. The main feature would of course be the large coffee machine and was used to invite customers in. From there we designed the work-flow to guide the customer to the correct areas as they chose their coffee and other refreshments. It was an intensive design project that required a lot of 'out-of-the-box' thinking and research. In the end, it paid off.

Wood Panel

To ensure no detail was misunderstood and to cater to all the technical requirements, in-depth elevational drawings were created. These were worked on in collaboration with the client to ensure the best possible communication and a successful installation. Although Sputnik proved to be a challenging project, the end result was a beautiful one.


The successful completion of this retail project was due to the high involvement of the client, a contractor that wasn't afraid to push their limits, and a constant flow of open collaboration. It was an honest project that the entire team successfully completed with dignity and authenticity. In the end, it became a project that everyone involved could be proud of, including the client as it's just as much his achievement as ours.

Elevational Views

Wood Panel
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