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If you're not sure what option is best suited to your new project, you can book your free consultation with us today.

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Interior Design Price | Design By Ei Woo

What you need to do to get your BEST design results possible


To be honest about the services you will require, the size of the project, budget constraints and your skill set constraints.

Be clear about whether you would like to handle the procurement and installation yourself or whether you will need assistance to do so.


To read through each design package and upon choosing your ideal package, to agree to accept all terms and conditions as well as constraints. Alternatively upon choosing a Tailored package, communicating clearly what your expectations and service requirements are.


To at all times be professional and respectful during the project duration, work within business hours and make the required payments on-time as per agreed client contract.


To provide accurate and clear information at all times and commit to the project by signing the client contract agreement based on your chosen design package option.


To communicate required information to Design By Ei Wood in a timorously manner and adhere to estimated timelines unless otherwise agreed to, due to Acts of God or circumstance outside of your control.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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