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House Grant

House Grant is a now gorgeous contemporary, industrial chic, home located in Fernbrook Estate, Randburg.

The client required a full renovation with the aim to not only update the various interiors but also apply a design that is unique to their style and personality, to ultimately create the home of their dreams. 

We started the journey through collaboration with Gelis Kitchen Experts and hands-on clients. We explored every room, created a cohesive design, and landed on beautifully dark and moody spaces with an edge. 

Thereafter we embarked on drawing up costs, procuring contractors, and after a year of intense construction, working on perfecting every detail, the final result is absolutely stunning.

Kitchen C.jpg

The kitchen is where it all started. Originally it was closed off from the dining room and very little natural light filtered through. Since we knew we wanted to apply a dark and moody atmosphere, we opened up the space to create a better flow and flood it with light which gave us the natural contrast required.


In collaboration with Gelis Kitchen Experts, the kitchen was designed with an industrial edge, but ultimately leaned toward minimalism with clean lines and is based on the philosophy that "there's a place for everything and everything in its place." 

After introducing black steel I-Beams to support the slab above, they became a feature, and we leaned into this industrial look by choosing complimentary lighting that tied it all together. To add warmth to the space, oak Monocoat timber slats and cupboard fronts were used which enhanced the natural beauty of their existing dining table and wall art.

Kitchen / Dining

Kitchen G.jpg

However, by opening up the space it exposed the scullery, making it visible from the dining room.

To address this, custom glass sliding doors were designed. They were made to slide into the cabinetry in order to be neatly tucked away and not interfere with the natural flow and traffic circulation.

The dining room became an extension of the kitchen, but we were faced with the challenge of placing the dining room table in a position that allowed for ample ergonomic flow around the new kitchen counter.


We didn't want to embark on extending the boundary wall, so to solve this problem, we offset the dining room table and used the beauty of the existing bay window. We created a built-in bench that could be utilized as seating for the head of the table, which simultaneously framed the view from the kitchen.

The lighting, wall colours, and finishes were all chosen to be cohesive with the kitchen design and create a harmonious balance.

Open-Plan Living

The open-plan living space was originally divided from the enclosed patio-braai area. Since we were replacing all the doors in the home with custom-designed, industrial loft-style doors, we thought we would do the same here.


Instead, when we embarked on the construction phase in the space, the client asked to completely open up the area and introduce another two I-beams. This resulted in a new space that consists of a television lounge, the entrance foyer, and the undercover patio-braai area. We love this choice as it creates a seamless flow not only in how you move in the space but also in how the light filters through.


The atmosphere changed from being a bit too traditional, to one where you could relax and take in a huge breath of fresh air, paying homage to the vast openness of the industrial loft design style.


Since the space is so open and essentially one large area, it was vital to carry through the design from the kitchen-dining area. We achieved this by using the same floor tile throughout, the same paint colours applied strategically, and by using the same concrete look and timber finishes.

The cohesive design was key to making the space feel intentional and well put together.

Lighting played a big role as it had to function in multiple ways. We introduced feature pendants and wall scones to create ambiance and mood, while task lighting in the form of recessed LED ceiling lights above, served a functional purpose when required.

Furthermore, to make the best use of the space, we chose to design a custom built-in tv plasma unit that tied into the kitchen finishes, once again ensuring that it all comes together as an intentionally designed area. 

The foyer was kept minimalistic, allowing the architecture of the house to take center stage and lead your eye onto the new black and bold front door.  

This open-plan living space is the epitome of function following form and is now just as enjoyable to entertain guests in, as it is to have small intimate family dinners.

Living Room G.jpg

The Bar Lounge

One of the original features of this home is that it had an entire one-bedroom apartment in the form of a left-wing, with access from the television lounge. The client had no need for this area as-is and so the brief entailed we turn this guest wing into a bar lounge area, another entertainment area that you could enjoy with guests, and that guests could enjoy while staying over.

What lacked in the wing was the amount of available storage which we addressed with custom-designed additional storage beneath the stairs. The design was specifically created to match the new bar, and while slightly different from the kitchen in the use of finishes, such as using a different countertop, it tied back into the finishes chosen for the main kitchen. The storage unit has a beautifully curved design that invites you in as you enter the space.

As the use of the space could differ based on the persons using it at the time, it was important to take the lighting into account. With the gorgeous double-volume space, it lent itself to introducing a large Coco Bead chandelier.


The bar also includes feature LED lighting, enhancing a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and to top it off, a new fireplace was installed which created the perfect environment for enjoying company and taking a break from the hustle and bustle that is life.

Instead of opting for another dining area, different conversation nooks were created and a new built-in wall shelving unit was added. This very much ties in with the overall mood of the space and makes it versatile in that it feels comfortable to entertain in or enjoy by yourself.

The upstairs landing was originally used as a study nook, but the client needed an additional lounge that could be utilized by children or lounging in while working from home on a laptop. It was too small for a traditional pajama lounge setting, so to solve this we designed a custom built-in seating area, complete with pull-out drawers for additional storage and a tv plasma unit that tied back in with the main tv lounge. 

1. Bar B.jpg
3. Master Bath C.jpg

The existing bathrooms were outdated and in great need of an update that tied into the new industrial-chic design of the home. 


The approved design is a fresh take on industrial minimalism, with bold black lines and taps and contrasting white sanitaryware in a matt finish.

Combining concrete-look wall finishes with artisan wall tiles and concrete-look floor tiles, it provided the perfect backdrop to allow the sanitaryware to really pop.


The tones selected as well as custom slatted timber vanities, mirrors, and laundry baskets, carried forth the design cohesion that's so beautifully evident within the home. 


To differentiate between the master suite and guest bathrooms, we created subtle details. The wall tiles for example although the same colour, is different in design and we added feature pendants in the master to give it an extra luxurious feel.

In the powder rooms, the toilets are floor based, while in the full bathrooms, they are wall-hung. We also added feature ambient lighting in the powder rooms that add luxury and created an inviting space that guests can also enjoy.


8. Master Bed H-min.jpg

The bedrooms were quite outdated, with natural cherry laminate floors and wardrobes, it was begging for attention.


As with the rest of the home we chose to replace the existing wardrobes and finishes and in keeping with the home's overall design theme, we chose a combination of concrete-look finishes and timber. The new floor is now a lovely vinyl from Belgotex which not only adds warmth and compliments the monocot oak, but also helps with the acoustics throughout.

We opted for new built-in headboards with slatted timber. Their existing headboards were retained and were slightly altered to work as an intentional design element with the built-in features. Instead of traditional bedside lamps, new feature wall scones were installed for the guest bedrooms, and for the master, gorgeous natural rattan pendants.

The new built-in wardrobes all include complimentary vanities, and to slightly elevate the master bedroom, feature lighting was installed in the mirror which serves both functional as well as aesthetic purposes and adds just a touch more luxury to the space.

The wall colours were deliberately chosen to differentiate the rooms from each other. By applying feature wall colours above the headboards, it gave each its own identity. 

Another original feature of this home is that each bedroom boasts a balcony, with the master having quite a large one. For the guest bedrooms, all that was really needed was some outdoor seats to pause and enjoy some fresh air, but the master required a bit more thought. 

Since it had no roof, providing shade from the hot South African sun was crucial. Our solution was to install a pergola and custom built-in seating, as well as a counter from which the view of the garden can be enjoyed. The space is now a lovely area to lounge in when the weather permits.


Special Thanks

We owe our clients, Kristy and Gareth Grant a very big thank you for all their collaborative input, hours spent on design discussions and decisions, and patience with the build as they lived on-site for the full year of renovations.


Furthermore, they themselves helped build and perfect their home, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and really pitched in to get everything in tip-top shape.


Secondly, we have to, once again, thank Gelis Kitchen Experts for their collaborative spirit with the various built-in cabinetry and their impeccable execution.


We sincerely hope that the client enjoys their newly renovated home for years to come and want to say thank you for choosing us to assist them in turning their house into their dream home.


For more information on how you can get in touch with Gelis Kitchen Experts and to find out how Design By Ei Wood and Gelis Kitchen Experts may be able to assist you with your own home design, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending us a message here.

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