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The Woods Cottage was a project based in Johannesburg, Gauteng where, as part of ongoing design-updates to the client's home, we were appointed to update their guest cottage with new, island-living inspired decor and accessories.

At the time the client was not happy with the cottage over-all look as it felt very impersonal and unwelcoming. Inspired by the surroundings in the Seychelles, we were asked to incorporate a casual, welcoming concept that reflected their travels while still cohesively working with the entirety of the Estate's aesthetic.

Although the cottage is a completely open-plan area, different areas were incorporated into the space, namely: a Bedroom area, lounge/dining with kitchenette and a bathroom.

The existing cottage was already in great shape. Our task was to create a decor and styling plan to add the finishing touches, adding that personal 'magic' that make a space feel like home.

The Woods Cottage
Interior Design Project

The Interior Cottage Vision

The Woods Cottage | Interior Concept Boa

The Bedroom Area

The existing bedroom design lacked personality and a cohesive design. To address this, we first assessed what existed, that could be retained and built it out by layering various decor elements to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

The sleeping area is a focal point in the cottage. By adding texture inspired by natural materials and adding muted neutrals, we were able to incorporate that slow-living mood associated with an island vacation.

Our client had an existing timber bed that we used to replace the upholstered piece that was currently used in that space.  By opting to re-use a piece that was already aligning perfectly with the desired aesthetic, it saved our client unnecessary cost and unnecessary additional waste.


To elevate the area feature, wall art was a must. By adding décor elements which the client brought back from the Seychelles, we added a personal, welcoming touch that would make any guest feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Living/Dining Area

The first area as you enter the cottage, is a multi-functional space where guests are meant to relax. It consists of a casual TV lounge, a small dining area, and a kitchenette. The kitchenette was recently refurbished and had great base structure. 

To tie in the living area with the overall aesthetic, we opted to carry through natural textures and tones that work well with the bedroom area. We also added custom printed art to the walls to visually remind you of 'waters in the wind'.

The existing furniture was retained, and only the accessories were replaced. This included new custom-designed window curtains in 100% linen, a new luxurious rug, and some island-inspired decor elements such as faux agaves and a feature coral-inspired table lamp.

The Bathroom

Similar to the other areas, the bathroom fittings overall were still in great condition and did not need replacing. 

Separated by a large feature fireplace, it only required a touch of warmth and a feeling of luxury.

This was achieved by adding tropical-inspired wood art, bamboo-mats, and other decorative touches derived from both newly bought decor pieces, as well as pieces that the client provided from their travels.

The windows required blinds to complete the space and we opted to have them custom made and partially match the curtains in other areas. This allowed for a cohesive design aesthetic through-out.

The Leaf-min.png
The Woods Cottage Centurion Designer.jpg
Interior Design Concept Board _ The Wood

Cottage Before Design

The Before

The above images will give you a good idea of the original guest cottage. 

As you can see it wasn't in a bad shape at all, it only lacked a general feeling of cohesive design and left you with a feeling that it wasn't quite complete.

It was imperative for our client that guests would be able to experience the calm and welcoming atmosphere that she associates with the Seychelles.

The Design Challenge

Knowing the client's ultimate design goal, we were left with the challenge of combing the existing with natural island-inspired elements and design, while still retaining a touch of 'glam' that could be traced throughout the design on the entire estate.

Since the cottage already had a great base to work from, this was not too hard to achieve.

The trick was to find the ultimate balance between existing, a touch of glam and nature inspired elements.

The Result

Through constant, clear communication with our client and suppliers alike, we were able to achieve a completely updated design that spoke directly to the original design intent.

We found the perfect balance between the existing, a touch of glam, and introducing calm, oceanic elements to really make evident the casual, relaxing atmosphere associated with slow-island living.

The completed space now evokes warmth, peace, and a sense of tranquility that you may associate with a holiday or spa-like atmosphere.

The Vision Come to Life

We at Design By Ei Wood, would like to thank our client for the amazing opportunity that they afforded us to refresh and re-style their lovely guest cottage.

Our client is truly happy with their updated space and we sincerely hope that they will be able to entertain their guests for years to come in a space where their guests feel welcome and can experience just a little bit of the slow-island tranquility so strategically implemented. 

It was an honor and a true pleasure.

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