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About our
Design Philosophy

We know that your project is unique, whether it's an office space, workshop, showroom, or your home, it'll need its own unique design that won't only be aesthetically pleasing but will also need to function specifically catered to its purpose.

With that in mind, every design project needs to follow a well-thought-out creative process and needs a base to be implemented with ease and ultimate success.


At Design By Ei Wood we believe in empowering people to learn how to implement the elements and principles of interior design so that having a well-structured foundation it will ensure the best chance for both you and us to design and complete a successful project and to let your inner interior unicorn shine! 

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About the Interior Design Studio

We offer Professional Interior Design & Space Planning Services for the Residential and Commercial industries, including a trade service to fit out & design companies that require additional interior design resources, through creative & professional collaboration.

We design spaces that serve people by finding human-based solutions that are user-specific. Not just in how they function, but the successful design of an interior uplifts spirits & evokes positive change.

As a passionate Interior Design Studio, we find value in designing honestly, with strength & dignity.​ We stay true to function but also aim to inspire through creative thinking while staying finely tuned to the client's needs through constant and clear communication.

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We believe in beautiful, functional spaces and products that serve our clients by empowering & enhancing their brands, whether that be a business brand or personal brand.

We aim to evoke positive change and wellness.



We aim to be a multi-platform design company that serves our clients digitally as well as on a physical plane. Offering educational resources, services, and products with the aim to empower clients to choose their level of project investment.

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We offer multi-platform interior design service packages at your choice of project investment level;

as well as Planners under our

in-house department 'The Design Perspective' to help you design your ideal environment and support your dream lifestyle.

Featured Project

Mount Edge Combe

The journey of Blood.

Let that sink in, think about it, do you know what it entails? 

The South African National Blood Service is a state of the art project, a facility that not only needed to serve as the Kwazulu-Natal's new office headquarters but one that needed to combine the operations of both corporate, medical, and scientific ventures.

Proud of this one !

SANBS Meeting Rooms
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Planning a new interior design project ?

Let us evoke & inspire

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