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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the Year By Design Life Planners. Please read through if you have any queries. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us with any other questions by sending an e-mail to 

Is the Year By Design Life Planner the right planner for you?

The YBD planners are UNDATED 12 month planners designed to help you stay on-track, by holistically focusing on your professional life, as well as personal life, all in one planner. The system will help you find a work-life balance, but also provide ways to categorize and ‘switch’ between roles and much needed downtime. If you love ‘wearing different hats’, have a go-getter attitude and you are looking for a way to design a life that will support your ultimate dream lifestyle, this planner is for you.

Why choose an undated planner?

An undated planner is extremely helpful in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can start using it at any time of year and not feel like you are wasting half the book because you’ve ‘skipped’ a few months. (Sometimes we need a change halfway through the year right...)

  • If you like working on a different ‘calendar year’; such as a financial year and plan things with a slightly different timeline, you aren’t restricted by the strict monthly layouts dated planners are designed with.

  • Lastly, by filling in the dates as you plan, enhances your ability to keep track of the details and thus improves your organizational skills as well as increases your productivity and efficiency. No more double bookings!

How can I buy a planner and what will it cost me?

Orders open once the store is launched on 29 September 2023. For 2023 our YBD planners (full system) are priced at R598 including VAT and excl shipping. We use Yoco for online payments, as well as Paypal which you will need an account for. If you would like to pay manually with a direct EFT, you are more than welcome to e-mail us at to place your order. Please note no orders will be shipped without a cleared payment in our bank account.

What if I want to return my planner once I’ve bought it?

Orders work on a pre-order basis. This means that when you place an order it is specifically made for you and thus minimizes potential waste. We can’t predict with 100% certainty which cover designs will sell best and keeping stock can be a futile attempt and very costly. By pre-ordering, it helps keep costs low and we are able to offer the planner at an affordable price, ensuring we are able to support your success and wellness.

Because of this, we can only accept cancellations within a specific pre-order time frame. Once your order goes into production, no refunds will be given and no returns accepted. Should you receive the incorrect order or your planner is severely damaged upon arrival, please send an e-mail to within 2 business days. T&Cs apply. For the full terms please read the returns policy prior to check-out.

When will I receive my planner?

The first pre-order time window will run from 29 Sep - 31 Oct 2023 and all these first orders received will go into production at the end of October/ Start of November. The order lead time is 4-6 weeks once production starts, which means you’ll receive your order in December 2023. We use Courier Guy for deliveries and once your order is shipped you’ll receive a tracking number with your order details. The next pre-order window will be announced once the first closes. In the event that not enough pre-orders are received to be able to go into production, a 100% refund will be granted and you’ll be notified via e-mail to make the applicable payment arrangements.

How do I use the system and ensure I get the most out of my YBD Life Planner?

With every planner you’ll receive a guide, inserted in the pocket page, at the back of the planner. The guide will serve as a ‘manual’ of how to best utilize the system and in turn, help you reach your goals and succeed in your mission to design the life you have always dreamt of. But of course, we are all individuals and if you find another way to use a specific page or item in your planner, you are more than welcome to adapt it to your liking! We’d love to see how you use the system, so please share on social media and tag us! It will help us design even better planners in-future!

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